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Industry POV: Leveraging AI to Boost Creative Output & Performance Marketing

“Can you shoot that in a field of flowers? We know it’s December.”

Whether it’s an off-season location request, or a limited budget calling for dozens of ad iterations to satisfy Meta, creative requests that used to peeve agencies are  made simpler through the help of AI - and we’re here for it, contrary to the popular belief that creatives discourage AI. Today the content lifespan can be moments-long, and it’s our joy to make client vision boards come true by leveraging AI tools to reduce budgets and timelines. And it sure  doesn’t mean the job can be done 

without human touch, and deep expertise building brand assets and positioning them for marketability. Here’s what I’m talking about:

Scenario 1: Creative Production

Adobe rolled out “Generative AI” for its suite of post production software. In the image above, we used this while retouching to render a field backdrop behind the focal product, adding storybook whimsy to our client’s new mushroom gummy launch - which needed an emergency turnaround in-studio (and didn’t justify a location expense). Applying the same custom brand presets and edit we use to finish all content, we got  assets looking cohesive and ready for promo within hours of being shot. 

Scenario 2: Location Scouting

Your client requests that you shoot their production on an old-Hollywood style balcony somewhere in the Los Angeles county. Quiz question: which is faster? Driving around LA in its famous traffic and craning your neck to take iPhone photos of potential locations while dodging pedestrians, or asking your online bestie ChatGPT to list all the locations with this feature from the comfort of your home? This is exactly what co-founder Angela Peterman did to shorten the pre-production time involved in scouting the location for an upcoming beauty campaign. Now all she had to do was call up each location for permitting info and current details, to vet the client's dream location before heading to the streets for a scout visit.

Scenario 3: Mood Boarding

When we want to show a client a mood board - part of our standard alignment process during pre-production - the reference materials available on Pinterest and Google Images often fall short of our big imaginations. Enter Midjourney. Whether it's a cat drinking coffee with mittens and a scarf as part of a Pet CBD campaign, envisioning an athlete-influencer starring as the face of a beauty campaign, or showing what a luxury fragrance would look like floating in a pool of pink mist (lol, we've done it!) this Discord tool can generate imagery upon receipt of a few specific prompts in a matter of moments, rendering something much closer to the mind's eye, and in less time than it would take scrolling the internet.

What AI tools do you use? Join our co-founders on Instagram at @wearesunshinecreative (formerly @bananabrandscreative) for more hot takes on industry trends.

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